Membership for All Alumnae/i!

To promote inclusivity and increase our ability to support HCHS, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that beginning in December 2020, we are doing away with membership dues, and all alumnae/i of Hunter College High School are now members of the Alumnae/i Association! Expanding membership in the Alumnae/i Association allows us to increase career and networking-focused initiatives to support the alumnae/i body and provides greater opportunity to connect with HCHS in a meaningful way. To activate your membership, please visit make an account today and begin taking advantage of the resources on our site! Current members, we have asked you by email to consider allowing us to keep your dues as a tax-deductible contribution to HCHSAA, and we gratefully thank all of you who have allowed us to do so. Log into our directory and stay connected by updating your information so that you can search for your classmates and others can find you.