Meet the Class Coordinators 2022

We are excited to introduce this year’s group of class coordinators for Reunion 2022. These alums, who are doing so much to bring alumnae/i together, will be contributing their efforts to the first in person reunion in two years. Their efforts in organizing a special day for their former classmates and raising funds for their class gift greatly support the alumnae/i community as well as current high school students.

Below, we share the varied backgrounds and achievements of the individuals who are serving as our current class coordinators.

2022 Milestone Reunion Class Coordinators

Anne STERN Peskin ’42
Frances SHAPIRO Ivker ’57
Roslyn ABT Schindler ’62

Caroline Hecht ’72
Grace NOGUEROL Polakoff ’77

Michael Rose ’87
Sara Clemence ’92
Haewan Bae ’02
Mariko Ichikawa ’02
Pia SILVA Wasterval ’02

Gail Hankin ’07
Stephanie Chan ’07

Anne STERN Peskin, Ph.D., Class of 1942

It is a long life so much to cover.

After graduating from Hunter College ’46 with Honors in Mathematics, and masters from Brown University ’48 I began teaching Junior High school 118 in NYC. Jobs were hard to find. Eventually I moved on to be assistant principal.  As appropriate in those days I married and had 3 children (5 grandchildren). Between children I finished my PhD at NYU and switched levels to college at CCNY from which I retired. We moved to Stamford in 1968. There I ran for and was elected twice to the Board of Education, have served on the Planning Board and then as Commissioner of the Board of Assessment Appeals. I am still teaching, now for adult ed programs. My subjects are Pirates, Astronomy, Navigation and History of Mathematics.

I have served on the Board of Directors and as vice president of my Synagogue and helped establish a 2-day Jewish High School for all Jewish teens.

At present I am president of the Sisterhood and serve on the boards of The Jewish Historical Society and the Israel Cancer Research Fund.

Now let me share my great love- boating-which started in 1956.  

I have sailed and raced our sailboat on Long Island Sound and most of the New England coast to Maine. Up until a few years ago I served as crew regularly on a friend’s boat to Bermuda and as far south as Trinidad. I don’t do the long voyages anymore but I still meet them when the boat summers in Maine. As part of my boating life, my husband and I taught Advanced Piloting for United States Power Squadron. I was the first woman to be Commander of the Stamford Squadron. I was the first woman to be District Education Officer. and then I moved as Rear Commander to National.

*I had a supportive husband till 2010. It’s been a wonderful and fulfilling life so far. 

PS: I remember fondly my math teachers Miss Willies and Miss Allegri at Hunter High.

Frances SHAPIRO Ivker, Class of 1957

After graduating from Hunter, Frances SHAPIRO Ivker, M.D. attended Cornell University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in 1961. She later studied at Indiana University, earning a Master’s degree in Genetics in 1963 and a Ph.D. in Developmental Biology in 1968.

Fran worked as a Research Associate at the Sloan-Kettering Institute before relocating to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1968 where she taught Biology, Embryology, and Genetics as an Associate Professor at Louisiana State University New Orleans for several years. Fran completed her medical studies at Louisiana State University Medical School in 1977, obtaining her M.D. She established a private OB-GYN practice in 1981, which she still maintains.

Fran and her husband Barry married in 1966 and had three children. They lived in New Orleans until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home. Following this devastating loss, they relocated to Birmingham, Alabama where their son is in practice. She commutes from Alabama to New Orleans for a limited GYN practice monthly.

She and her husband have nine grandchildren.

Roslyn ABT Schindler, Ph.D. Class of 1962

Roslyn is Associate Professor Emerita of Interdisciplinary Studies, German, and Holocaust Studies.  Her career, both as a teacher and administrator, spanned 42 years at Wayne State University (Detroit, MI) and several years at other institutions. Roz has a longtime record of research and scholarship in interdisciplinary studies and adult learning as well as in Holocaust Studies.  She has published book chapters on the memoirs of several new or neglected German Holocaust survivor-authors, co-edited the two-volume Festschrift, entitled University Governance and Humanistic Scholarship. Studies in Honor of Diether Haenicke, and self-published a memoir about Goldie Seidner Abt: (Re)vision of a Life: My Mother’s Holocaust Story. Roz taught courses in the Humanities, German, and a memoir-based Holocaust course called “Bearing Witness: Understanding the Holocaust One Life at a Time.”  In retirement, she is actively involved in volunteer work for her synagogue, her professional association, and the Democratic party.

Caroline Hecht, Class of 1972

After Hunter High, I attended Cornell University as a math / computer science major for two years. A couple of years later, when I would have been a senior in college, I got a job at Cornell doing more or less the kind of work I’d been aiming for, so I had no motivation to return to college. I spent the bulk of my adult life working as a programmer at Cornell, and retired in summer 2019. Since then, I’ve been doing whatever I want, including artwork, long walks, volunteering as a Board member for our local Farmers’ Market, and continuing to work for Cornell a tiny bit.

I’ve been married for over 35 years, and we have three kids, two of whom live nearby, and the third is in Seattle. My husband quit his job the day our first child was born, to be the stay-at-home parent. We live in a very rural area outside of Ithaca, NY, on a dirt road where our nearest neighbor is a quarter mile from us. We have a few cats, but used to have eight. There’s not much other than a Hunter reunion that could lure me to return to NYC.

I wound up as a coordinator for our 50th class reunion, because I wanted to use my programming and database skills to organize and merge a few different lists of contact information for our class. I’m turning to other people for fundraising and anything else that needs doing, so if you’re interested, please speak up! We have a Class of ’72 Facebook page; if you’re on Facebook please join.

Grace NOGUEROL Polakoff, Class of 1977

Never did I dream that so many years after I graduated, I would still be involved with such a wonderful group of people. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

After I graduated from Hunter, I dabbled in college, but it was not for me. I joined the business world where I grew from clerical to operations, systems, and project management. In 2008, I became a statistic of the banking industry collapse and have since enjoyed semi-retirement. My business skills really helped me to be super involved and organized in everything outside of business, including being a member of the Board for the PTA, Band Parents Assoc. and Meals on Wheels. My husband and I have two wonderful sons, 29 and 26.

And now I am super involved in my Hunter class reunion. Feel free to contact me with reunion questions, or just to catch up!

Michael Rose, Class of 1987 

Michael is a Senior Director of Solution Engineering at, which he joined in 2013. Prior to shifting careers into the software industry, Mike worked in the corporate events space & at Time Inc. Magazines, while pursuing avocations as an improv performer and onetime standup comedian. Mike and his wife Rabbi Heidi Hoover live in Brooklyn, NY with their two children and one cat.

Sara Clemence, Class of 1992

After Hunter I went to Johns Hopkins, thanks in part to my senior-year visit with Phil Tang (‘91). I muddled around for several years in my 20s, ended up in journalism school at Columbia, then moved to Alabama (!) to report on chemical weapons. Somehow, I eventually became travel editor for The Wall Street Journal. 

Today I’m a freelance journalist for the Journal, the New York Times, and other outlets. I’ve been married for a decade and have two kids, 9 and 7. A few years ago, we moved to San Diego for my husband’s work. (My son and Alicia Stern’s daughter were even in the same class for a while.) We’d planned to go back to New York after a year or two, but then the pandemic hit. California has a lot going for it—I even became a (terrible) surfer—but I miss NYC, and am excited to be back for the reunion.

Haewan Bae, Class of 2002

Hello everyone! I’m excited to help coordinate the Class of 2002’s 20th reunion in 2022 – that was a mouthful. Looking back at our high school years, it’s a mix of pride (for the school and my classmates) and embarrassment (for myself). Either way, I’m very grateful for having had such an incredible experience and very much look forward to reconnecting and catching up with my former classmates.

I’m currently living in Manhattan with my wife, daughter and son (feels crazy to be typing that out) and just trying to survive the pandemic like everyone else. I’m a recovering lawyer and currently on what I call an “extended voluntary parental leave” while I figure out the next steps of my career. Look forward to seeing all of you – Croc-a-fella y’all! haha sorry just had to do it.  

Mariko Ichikawa, Class of 2002

Mariko graduated from HCHS in 2002 and went on to pursue a career in retail and fashion design. She has worked for stores like Macy’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Bloomingdales Dubai and Zalando in the US, Middle East and Europe. In 2019 she fulfilled a lifelong dream and started her namesake line of up-cycled Japanese kimonos. Mariko holds an MS from Baruch College, a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and completed coursework in Fashion Design at FIT. 

Pia SILVA Wasterval, Class of 2002

I’m excited to help coordinate our reunion! After attending Wesleyan with a handful of fellow Hunterites, and a few brief stints elsewhere, I landed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2008 and have been here ever since. For the past 10 years I’ve been running a branding agency with my husband, and more recently have been training other small branding studios in our business model. I love working with entrepreneurs and helping them succeed! We also have an adorable 4-year-old named Axl.

Gail Hankin, Class of 2007

I’m very excited to get back to my Term Council officer roots by helping to plan OH SEVEN’S (::insert hand signal here::) 15-year reunion. I’ve spent the last few years working at an urban planning and economic development consulting firm (alongside a handful of Hunterites from other class years) and I live on the Upper West Side with my husband and baby daughter. It was wonderful to see so many classmates at our 5-year and 10-year reunions and I can’t wait to reminisce with more familiar faces in June. Any volunteers to wear a porpoise costume?

Stephanie Chan, Class of 2007

It’s a joy to reunite with my former Term Council colleague to coordinate ’07’s 15-year reunion! I moved back to the greatest city in the world 5 years ago, after a decade in the Bay Area and zero reunion attendances under my belt. I live with my husband in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn (Brooklyn is still the best borough, ready to fight you all the way to the last stop of the 6 over that) and spoiled pup. I’ve worked at eyewear retailer Warby Parker as a product developer since 2017. So excited to see you all in June, attend my FIRST REUNION ever (I hope to be an inspiration that it’s never too late to start coming to reunion), and reminisce on what everyone’s order was at Sing’s Deli.