An Insightful Discussion About the Presidential Election

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Alum Highlights

Our speakers assembled for Decision 2020 analyzed the key issues that will affect the outcome of the presidential election, contributing to a lively and insightful discussion. The event opened with a question posed by moderator Aaron Retica ’84 to Jamal Greene ’95: “Are we in the middle of a constitutional crisis?” The five person panel consisting of Greene, Adam Berinsky ’88, Nicholas Confessore ’94, Christopher Hayes ’97, and Amy DAVIDSON Sorkin ’88 examined several topics including the importance of the electoral college, the accuracy of polling, the influence of campaign financing, and the unlikely possibility of rank choice voting. The ideological nature of our two party political system was commented upon and, with it, the notion that although there is a center left grouping that tempers the views of left wing extremists, there presently is no center right.

Questions posed by alumnae/i and current Hunter students included what role the media plays in covering President Trump’s comments and whether a third party would ever be viable. Dorothy STEINBOOK Reik ’60 kept the chat room active with a continued thread of comments.

Make sure to turn out and vote whether by mail or in person on November 3rd. Absentee ballots can be requested online through or through your local city municipality.

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