Annual Meeting of Members: Ballot and Board Election Results

Thank you to all who participated! Over the next few days, we will be publishing additional details and statistics of the process. Some preliminary notable statistics include active participation by over 2,400 alums, registration to the Annual Meeting of over 220 alums, and in-person and proxy voting by nearly 1,500 alums.

Ballot and Election Results follows:

1. The resolution to amend the Certificate of Incorporation was passed

Yes: 1,261 (82.2%)
No: 221 (14.8%)
Abstain: 7 (0.5%)

2. Congratulations to the elected New and Returning Board Members

  • Annette Almazan ’93 (Board Nominated – 1st Term)
  • Peggy Blumenthal ’63 (Board Nominated – 2nd Term)
  • Sherman Chan ’97 (Board Nominated – 1st Term)
  • Mari Hoashi Franklin’84 (Board Nominated – 1st Term)
  • Maria Hekker ’80 (Board Nominated – 1st Term)
  • Jane Tillman Irving ’65 (elected by the Board to complete the remaining 2 year term of a Board member who resigned after the election of new Board members at the Annual Meeting)
  • Sophia Liao ’16 (Board Nominated – 1st Term)
  • Diana McKeage ’08 (Board Nominated – 1st Term)
  • Jake Price ’15 (Board Nominated – 1st Term)
  • Joyce Varughese-Raju ’98 (Board Nominated – 1st Term)

The Board wishes to thank everyone who participated in the process. While it was not flawless, this was the highest level of engagement and participation of any Annual Meeting in recorded history. In the coming months, an alumnae/i survey shall be sent and Town Hall meetings will be scheduled to improve the process, and to identify areas of interests that are not currently being addressed by the HCHSAA.

The Inspectors’ Report is available to members and may be found here.