David Robison ’83

After graduating Hunter in 1983, David Robison moved westward to attend college at the University of Chicago and then graduate school in Library and Information Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley. He pursued a number of career paths involving the intersection of people, information, and technology. This work included serving library users and corporate clients such as Microsoft and Intel in multimedia marketing as well as teaching at the University of Washington. His volunteer work has included mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters and high school teaching. David is now living with his husband and teenage son on San Juan Island at the northwest corner of Washington State where he offers in-person and remote user experience consulting and computer support. While San Juan Island has about the same acreage as Manhattan, where David grew up, it has a population under 10,000 and zero traffic lights.

David has always held his Hunter experience as a critical element of his intellectual and social development. An important part of that experience was the relatively diverse faculty and student body he saw in the 70s and 80s. It was wonderful to have classmates and teachers from a wide array of backgrounds, racially/ethnically, economically, and geographically.

Over these last two years and in concert with the Committee Chair Judith Daniels and other members, he has worked to help develop both the operations of the Diversity Committee and two of its programs: Round Table Talks in Diversity and the nascent Cura Futuri mentoring program.

He is looking forward to continuing his work with the Diversity Committee and getting Cura Futuri fully up and running. He also looks to contribute to the Board’s efforts in refining or establishing, where necessary, policies, procedures, training, and IT tools for its work.