Dorothy Henderson Jan. ’41 writes a Memoir about her family Genealogy in St.Croix

Dorothy Henderson, the author of On Blockade, is the grand-daughter of the author, Alexander Henderson. She has always been interested in her family’s background, starting with listening to her father’s stories of his life when he was young. She developed into the family historian, for the family who were born in St. Croix, returning every year on her vacation for the annual genealogy celebration. On one of these trips, she and her cousin, Alan, were discussing something when he said “but that’s not what it said in the book.” “What book?” she asked. But he wouldn’t discuss the subject. She tried his brother, Morris, but he didn’t want to get involved, so she gave up all hope of ever seeing the book. But who knows why or how, he turned up on the day they were leaving with the book in hand, and gave it to her to do research. Here after twenty years, is the book, edited for current English usage, with illustrations and divided into chapters for clarity.