Groups and Chapters

Regional Chapters

The HCHSAA has regional chapters all over the country and around the world, providing alums based outside of New York City the chance to meet and spend time with fellow Hunterites in their areas. It used to be that there would be a single point person per region, but with the help of Facebook, the HCHSAA is now able to downsize that role, lifting the burden of mediation off of one individual and making communication easier between local alums. As a result, new chapters will be able to exist easily and freely. Below are listed links to the private Facebook groups for each region.

Boston Area: Facebook
California State: Facebook
Northern New England: Facebook
Southern New England: Facebook
Upper New York State: Facebook
Washington, DC: Facebook
Westchester, NY: Facebook

Europe: Facebook

Affinity Groups

Join our Diversity FB Page:
The Official HCHS Black & Latinx Alumni Group

HCHSAA LGBTQ Alumni Group 

Aside from our geographical chapters, we are also in the process of starting groups that are devoted to specific populations of alumnae/i. If you would like to start an affinity group, please email Elle Bryant.

HCHSAA Official Facebook Groups

The Official Hunter College High School Alumnae/i Association 

HCHS Holocaust Survivors

The HCHS Holocaust Survivors’ site has been created for the Hunter community by Hunter Alumnae who are Holocaust survivors. They are a small group of women, perhaps no more than several dozen, who graduated from Hunter High School in the ’40s and ’50s. 

They share their stories to help bring a human dimension to horrific events that are largely incomprehensible. In some respects these Hunter graduates are like you; but in other ways they were and will always be very different, because their Holocaust history has affected and continues to affect their lives and relationships with family, colleagues and friends.

Are you a HCHS survivor of the Holocaust? Or are you a child or descendant of survivors? Or a descendant of someone who did not survive? If you would like to share your story, please email it to Eve KANNER Rosenzweig Kugler, Jan. ’49. Please include your name and graduation year. If you would prefer to have your story posted anonymously, indicate that as well. If you have related photos (jpg format preferred) or documents, you may email webmaster, Mark Rosenzweig ’84.