HCHSAA Announces New Directors and Amended By-Laws

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Alumnae/i Association, Featured

HCHSAA is excited to announce that it has added eight new members to its Board of Directors and amended its By-Laws to clarify how membership is defined. Two new directors were appointed by the Board on May 17, 2022 to fill vacant seats in Class B and eight were elected by the members to Class A at the Annual Meeting on June 4, 2022.

Class B Directors

In May 2022, the Board appointed Haewan Bae ’02 and David Robison ’83 to fill the seats of two Class B Board members who stepped down from service. They bring extensive experience in law and technology to the board. After the end of the current Class B term (on June 30, 2023) both Haewan and David will be eligible to serve two additional full terms of three years.

Annual Meeting Balloting

Of the 161 HCHSAA members who registered to vote at the Annual Meeting, 89 (or 55%) cast ballots as follows:

  • 53 granted their proxies to HCHSAA’s officers, eight granted their proxies to other individuals, and 28 declined to grant a proxy.

The following eight candidates were elected to Class A of the HCHSAA Board of Directors by a plurality of the vote (with three of the 89 ballots cast abstaining) – each for a three year term starting on July 1, 2022:

  • Nicole Morganstern ’76 – 67 of 89 ballots cast (75%)
  • Judith Daniel-George ’79 – 75 of 89 ballots cast (84%)
  • Brian Scott ’83 – 70 of 89 ballots cast (78%)
  • Douglas Henkin ’84 – 62 of 89 ballots cast (69%)
  • Aurora Rose Velazquez ’84 – 76 of 89 ballots cast (85%)
  • Luke Stein ’98 – 68 of 89 ballots cast (76%)
  • Adam Stolz ’99 – 71 of 89 ballots cast (79%)
  • Angela Li ’17 – 76 of 89 ballots cast (85%)

No write in candidates were recorded.

The amendments to Article I, Section 1.01 of the HCHSAA By-Laws proposed by the Board of Directors were passed by a majority vote of the votes cast at the meeting (after excluding all abstentions). Of the 89 ballots (representing the total votes cast at the meeting),

  • Five abstained,
  • 80 voted for the amendments (80/84 or 95%), and
  • Four voted against the amendments (4/84 or almost 5%).
  • No other matters came to a vote at the meeting.

HCHSAA’s new directors bring a diverse skill set to the Board, including economics, education, law, management, technology, and community activism. The two incumbents up for re-election, Judith Daniel ’79 and Adam Stolz ’99, were both reappointed to their seats.

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