HCHSAA Hosts an Exclusive Curator’s Tour at the Asia Society Museum!

Curator Barbara Pollack ’74 has graciously invited a group from the HCHSAA to take part in an exclusive viewing of Mirror Image: A Transformation of Chinese Identity at the Asia Society Museum in Manhattan. Join us in-person on Friday, October 21 at 6:30pm ET!

The artists whose works are presented in this exhibition come from a generation where transnational identity has taken root. Born in mainland China in the 1980s, these artists, rather than emphasizing their “Chinese-ness,” have developed respective practices born of a China where Starbucks can be found in the Forbidden City. “Belonging to what is referred to as the ba ling hou generation, these artists grew up in a post-Mao China shaped by the one-child policy and the influx of foreign investment. Comprising painting, sculpture, performance, installation, video, digital art, and photography, the exhibition reflects the dramatic economic, political, and cultural shifts the artists have experienced in China during their lifetimes.”

Please plan to join us for this special, in-person event on Friday, October 21 at 6:30pm ET. A reception will follow. This museum tour is limited to a group of 40 attendees.

Get your tickets from the HCHSAA website.

Learn more about the exhibit on the Asia Society Museum’s website.