How Have You Spent This Summer? Two Alums Foster Summer Enrichment for Children

Alums Charlie Bardey ’13 and Rachel Kaly ’13 have spent the summer engaging children and young adults through a virtual summer arts program. Active in New York as comedians and educators, the two, with their colleagues, formed the Virtual Creative Summer Art Institute to reach out to parents seeking resources for their children during the pandemic.

The Art Institute is designed to engage children ages 10-16 in an array of activities. Courses include Creative Writing, Screenwriting, Playwriting, Film Editing, and Comedy. Bardey and Kaly, two of the headliners for the HCHSAA’s first ever Comedy Night, led the Art Institute’s courses on Stand-Up Comedy and Improv Comedy. Bardey is also the son of a Hunter alumna, Claudia Strauss ’80.

In the classes, participants had the opportunity to create works that document their experiences, including short stories, plays, scripts for films, and stand-up performances. The four-week workshops were designed to be interesting, challenging, and fun!