Nicole Morgenstern ’76

I can honestly say that I have benefitted throughout my life and career from having had the “fully loaded” Hunter experience from nursery through the Inter – College Year (what served as the 12th grade back in those days).  

Since graduating from Hunter and beyond, my path has gone mostly towards international program development, either directly or tangentially involved with education, training, and career development for executives.

I spent time at the US State Department, the Intergovernmental Organization for Migration and, the Institute for International Education (IIE) where I worked on numerous international education exchanges sponsored by both government and private sponsors.  

At IIE, a major portion of my efforts were spent working on behalf of the Foreign Fulbright Program. 

The Fulbright Program was a life changing experience and afforded me the opportunity to travel the world (Central Asia, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Mexico, South Africa etc.) where I served on selection committees for the fellowship and made presentations about US Higher Education at global conferences.

For the past 20+ years I have continued my work in Human Capital Development including: 

  • Having been a co-founder/owner of an education consulting start-up in Miami & New York 
  • Working at E&Y in Global Expatriate Affairs 
  • Consulting with Association for the Accreditation of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB, the most highly recognized accrediting body for business schools around the globe) on their new Societal Impact Collective which has recently launched to great success
  • Sourcing Executive Coaches for C-Suite members of a private, at risk youth program 
  • Consulting with Creative Workforce Solutions on the DEI&B initiatives 

I am currently a Manager with American Management Association, the oldest and largest not-for profit training and development organization in the world.  AMA will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year.

Within my role I lead program and product development for a $7,000,000.00 portfolio of professional development courses in management, leadership, and innovation. I also manage our relationships with notable thought leaders and serve on the advisory board of AMA’s first professional certification, the Certified Professional in Management.