Designate Your Gift

You can support Hunter College High School in a number of ways. Membership dues are important and help sustain the organization. They allow us to plan reunion and other alumni events throughout the year and publish our print and electronic newsletters. Class Gifts and gifts to the Annual Fund support the High School. Thanks to donations from hundreds of generous alumni, we are able to contribute around $150,000 a year towards academic enrichment and extracurricular activities. You can combine your giving by signing up for membership and making a contribution at the same time. If you do so, please let us know. The Hunter College High School Alumnae/i Association (HCHSAA) is a 501©(3) organization, and all gifts made to the HCHSAA are tax-deductible.


Beginning in December 2020, all alumnae/i are members of the Hunter College High School Alumnae/i Association. Please visit our Membership News page for more information.
While we do not have dues any more, your donations support the full range of programs and services the Alumnae/i Association offers. They cover the cost of printing and mailing AlumNotes to all alumnae/i, provide substantial support for the operations of the HCHSAA office.  Our staff organizes events open to all alumnae/i including book readings, lectures, and museum tours; assists classes as they organize their individual reunions; and maintains the HCHSAA’s member directory and website. 

The Annual Fund

We are often asked why Hunter needs our support. Isn’t it still funded by the state? The answer is that while faculty salaries and benefits are covered by public funds there are too few supplemental funds available for the important “extras” — upgraded science and language labs, new athletic equipment, writing labs, library digitization projects, textbooks that are not on the State list, and repairing and tuning pianos.Such cumulative shortfalls in all but faculty means Hunter is in danger of falling behind other public schools in technological and other newer teaching tools.

Your gift to the Annual Fund Campaign will provide direct support to the High School through program grants, scholarships and awards. Unrestricted gifts are the most valuable because they allow us to provide support wherever the need is greatest and to take advantage of unique opportunities as they arise. Directed gifts allow you to decide where your gift will go. When you make a directed gift to HCHSAA, you enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a program that is personally meaningful to you. 

Last year the Alumnae/i Association made grants of nearly $150,000 to the high school from funds received through class gifts and annual fund contributions. A full list of grant awards can be found in the Spring 2017 AlumNotes

Class Gifts 

Many alumnae/i make their first Class Gift because they want to give back to an institution that played such a critical role in their academic and personal development. You too can make a gift in recognition of the impact that the Hunter College High School experience has had on you, and help ensure that the HCHS experience lives on. All contributions made between July 1 and June 30 of your Milestone Reunion Year will be counted towards your Class Gift total. 

Class gifts help the AA provide many of the “extras” – the enrichment and extracurricular opportunities that broaden students’ horizons and open up the paths to higher education and beyond. All contributions made during your Milestone reunion year – whether to the annual fund, your class gift or to the endowment – are “counted” towards the total amount your class raises.