Special Zoom Events

2020-21 Online Event Series
Work by alumni and students

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Presentations/Live Zoom sessions  
Holocaust Remembrance Day
Our panelists were Susanne KLEJMAN Bennet ’55Joan L. KENT Finkelstein ’54, Ph.D., Eve KANNER Kugler, Jan. ’49, and Edith TENNENBAUM Shapiro ’52, M.D. Discussion leader is Lisa GOLDIN Rabinowicz ’59.
April 7, 2021
Roundtable Series on Diversity-Enhancing Reforms
Session 1: A review of admissions at HCHS and the status of admissions for the class of 2027
March 18, 2021
Image of Roundtable Zoom discussion
Comedy Panel Discussion 
Moderated by Steve Hofstetter ’97, the panelists were Charlie Bardey ’13, Sachi Ezura ’04, Claire Friedman ’03, and Sophie Zucker ’11.March 15, 2021
Image of Comedy Roundtable Zoom discussion
Women History Month celebration. 
Dr. Khadijah Miller and Dr. Ernestine Duncan ’79 discussed their book chapter on Michelle Obama.
March 8, 2021
Image of Dr. Duncan's Zoom presentation
To All the Lunar New Years I’ve Loved Before: An American Born Chinese Perspective. Join panelists Michelle Au ’95, Randall Eng ’90Jennifer 8. Lee ’94, and Nancy YAO Maasbach ’90.
February 19, 2021
Image of Lunar New Year Discussion
Celebrating Black History Month. Behind the Pen: A Journalist Reflects on Covering john Lewis, Julian Bond, and Other Civil Rights Icons. Reflections by Melanie Eversley ’79. Sponsored by the Diversity Committee.
February 18, 2021
Image of Melanie Eversley's Zoom session
Diversity Panel Discussion Celebrating Black History Month. Sponsored by the Diversity Committee.
Dr. David Collymore ’94, Chuma Hunter-Gault ’90, Lisa Jones ’79, Jessica Leonard ’04, Eunice Reddick ’69, and Pradine Saint-Fort ’01
February 4, 2021
Image of BHM panel discussion Zoom session
Juith Sachs ’64 Breathe and Stretch Class
January 26, 2021
Image of Judith Sachs on Zoom, January 2021
Gone But Not Forgotten: The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons:
Beth JACKENDOFF Harpaz ’77 interviews Susi Snyder ’95 with introductory song by Pat GORDON Lamanna ’65
January 24, 2021
Image of Suzi Snyder's interview
Adventures in Film: Mynette Louie ’93 and Casimir Nozkowski ’94 discuss movies
December 17, 2020
Image of Mynette and Casimir Zoom
2020 Food panel moderated by Caroline Shin ’99, with panelists Ryan Canuto ’13, Roni Neff ’85, Sofia Perez ’85, Simone Policano ’12, Mark Angelo Roaquin ’98.
December 3, 2020
Image of 2020 Food Panel Zoom photo
Maisy Card ’00 in conversation with Laurie Ann Cedilnik ’00
November 12, 2020
Image of Maisy and Laurie
Sarah Kovner ’91 interviewed by Jeannie SUK Gersen ’91 on Prisoners of the Empire
October 22, 2020 
Image of Sarah Kovner and Jeannie Suk Gersen on Zoom
The 2020 Election & Security panel discussion by Rachel Goldbrenner ’97, Joshua Geltzer ’01, and Ambassador Karen Kornbluh ’80
October 8, 2020
2020 Election and Security Zoom event
Sewell Chan ’94 interviewed Deborah Tannen ’62 about her new book
September 23, 2020
Images from the Deborah Tannen interview
Julie Suk ’93 and Irving Kagan ’82 discuss Julie’s book and the Equal Rights Amendment
September 17, 2020
Image of Julie Suk '93 and Irving Kagan '82
Chloe Bass ’02 and Clarinda Mac Low ’83 discuss Chloe’s exhibition, Wayfinding and their other work
September 9, 2020
Image of Chloe Bass '02 and Clarinda Mac Low '83 on Zoom
Pat Lamanna ’65 concert of peace songs
August 6, 2020
Image of Pat Lamanna event
Judith Sachs ’64 Breathe and Stretch Class
July 8, 2020
Image of Judith Sachs
Jennifer Freeman ’72 interviewed by Ruth COBRINIK Williams ’73
June 19, 2020 
Image of Jennifer and Ruth
Hallie Cohen’ 65 Artist Talk
May 28, 2020
Image of Hallie Cohen
Sewell Chan ’94 interviews Judith Matloff ’75/’76 ICY
May 21, 2020
Image of Judith and Sewell
Round Robin Sing-a-long with Beth Harpaz ’77 and Lee Morris ’75
May 8, 2020
Pat Lamanna ’65 concert
April 28, 2020
Image of Pat Lamanna '65 in Zoom concert
Jean Kwok ’86 book discussion
April 19, 2020
Image of Robin and Jean on Zoom
Raymond Tsao ’84 PPP loan presentation
April 7, 2020
Image of Ray Tsao
Beth JACKDENDOFF Harpaz ’77 sing along
April 5, 2020
Image of April 5, 2020 Sing Along
Virtual launch of Helen Epstein’s ’64 Franci’s War book
March 24, 2020
Image of Helen Epstein
TEDxHunterCCS —September 24, 2011
TEDxHunterCCS–October 5, 2013
TEDxHunterCCS–November 9, 2015
The Littlest Matryoshka by Corinne Demas ’64 Corinne Demas '64
THE OUTSIDE STORY movie by  Casimir Nozkowski ’94 
A song by Dorothy Schulman ’51Dorothy Schulman '51