The HEART of Hunter

Event Record   Event Details Time: Friday October 13, 4:00pm - 6:00pm Location: HCHS Campus…

Save the Date! My Last Innocent Year!

The highly anticipated book launch of 'The Leftover Woman' by Jean Kwok, hosted by the HCHSAA in collaboration with the renowned Strand Book Store, was a resounding success! The event brought together literature enthusiasts, alumni, and the author herself in a celebration of literary achievement and cultural exploration. With an engaging discussion, Jean Kwok provided unique insights into her novel's compelling narrative, while attendees had the opportunity to engage in a vibrant Q&A session. The Strand Book Store, with its historic charm, offered the perfect setting for this literary soirée, creating a memorable experience for all who attended. It was an evening that showcased the power of storytelling and the importance of community, leaving attendees inspired and eager to delve into the pages of 'The Leftover Woman.'

See You in Berlin

Embarking on an exciting journey to connect with our Hunterite community abroad, the HCHSAA traveled to Berlin to host a spectacular alumni gathering. On Saturday, November 8th, European Alums were invited to join in for an extraordinary day, beginning with a classic Museum Tour, immersing in the rich history and culture of Berlin. The festivities continued with a delightful reception dinner at a stunning Vietnamese Vegan Restaurant, promising not only the joy of reconnecting with fellow alumni but also an unforgettable cultural experience. This outstanding day was illustrated with an evening of camaraderie, laughter, and the warmth of Hunterite connections in the heart of Berlin.

See You in London

In a delightful celebration of Hunter College High School's global reach, the HCHSAA Executive Director, Lorna Malcolm, recently hosted a heartwarming alumni reception in the vibrant city of London. Amidst the historic backdrop of this international metropolis, alumni gathered to reconnect, share stories, and reminisce about the cherished experiences that bind them as Hunterites. Lorna's passion for fostering connections and preserving the spirit of our alma mater was evident in every detail of the event. Her warm hospitality created an atmosphere of camaraderie, bridging the geographical gap and reinforcing the enduring bond that unites Hunter alumni across the continents. The London alumni reception served as a testament to the global impact of Hunter College High School and the dedication of individuals like Lorna Malcolm in cultivating a sense of community that knows no borders.

HCHSAA Giving Tuesday

Welcome to Giving Tuesday! We are excited about kicking off this year’s day of giving.